Cost of an airport transfer to destinations around Istanbul like Bursa, Yalova ... ?

Here there are average rates for airport transfer to Bursa, Sapanca, Yalova, Sile and Agva

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There are lots of beautiful places and nature around Istanbul that attract lots of tourists every day. If your accommodation is in these areas you can get your airport transfer directly from the airport on our website. Or if you have a plan to visit these areas and have a one-day tour of these palaces we can help you. Here is a list of these places and an average rate for airport transfers or daily tours. These rates are for the minivan Mercedes Vito for 1-6 passengers :

Şile Ağva Bursa Yalova Sapanca
Istanbul Airport Transfer 100€ 130€ 180€ 150€ 170€
Sabiha Airport Transfer 80€ 100€ 130€ 100€ 100€
One Day Tour 150€ 180€ 230€ 200€ 200€

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