All you need to know about istanbul airport transfer

Oct 24
2 mins read

What you need to know about Istanbul Airport Transfer is here , so this statement normally used for some kind of transportation from istanbul airports to city center and hotels for tourists . People normally like this kind of transportation because is done by some kind of van like Mercedes Benz Vito , they are so comfort , VIP and suitable especially for groups more than 3 person. There are mostly three car type for this kind of transportation, First Vito ( Mercedes benz ) , Transporter ( volkswagen ) and Trafic ( Renault ) that the Vito is the best one and more usual . The companies that do these services are normally the transportation companies or travel agencies that the ones who are travel agencies will give a better services for sure . There are four different kind of transportation from istanbul airport for now you can use ,

1, IETT buses ( public ) 2, Havaist buses ( public ) 3, Airport transfers ( Private ) 4, Taxis ( Private )

lets have a look about advantages and this advantages of each one

IETT buses : there are 9 different lines going to different areas of city but not suggested , except you have plenty of time, as the airport is far from city it will takes a lot of time, but yes if you have a lot time this one would be the cheapest,

Havaist buses : if you want to use public transportation use this one , reasonable price and very on time and they are so fast , just have this problem have few stops and you need to use taxi again if the stops are not close to your destination and now with covid 19 some people do not prefer it

Airport transfer : if you want to use private car this kind of transportation is suggested the price are between 25-40 normally to go to city center , very comfortable cars and fix price , you can book online , but it is expensive for some peoples and sometime it has the problem to find your tour guide at the airport

Taxis : you heard bad things always about taxis , yes they do not have a fixed price and will change prices, not all of them but some of, just it is the easiest way to get to city as they are ready always as soon as you will be out ,

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