All you need to know about istanbul airport transfer

This post provides information about transportation options for tourists traveling from Istanbul airports to the city center and hotels.

All you need to know about istanbul airport transfer
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'Istanbul Airport Transfer' is a term used for all kinds of transportation services from Istanbul airport to city center or hotels and the other way around. This kind of transportation is usually preferred because it's done by some kind of minivans like Mercedes Vito. They are comfortable and suitable options, especially for groups of more than 3 people. There are three car types for this kind of transportation, Vito( Mercedes Benz), Transporter (Volkswagen), and Trafic ( Renault ). Vito is the best and most usual one. The companies that do these services are usually the transportation companies or travel agencies that give a better service than travel agencies for sure. It might be called a shuttle transfer, VIP airport transfer, private taxi Istanbul and etc. There are six different kinds of transportation from Istanbul airport for now that you can use:

IETT buses (public)

Havaist buses (public)

Istanbul Airport transfers (private)

Istanbul Shuttle service

Taxi istanbul Airport (private)

Metro (public)

let's have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each:

IETT buses

There are 5 different lines going to different areas of the city but not suggested, except if you have plenty of time, as the airport is far from the city, it will take a lot of time, but if you have plenty of time, this one would be the cheapest.

H-1 Mahmutbey Metro - Istanbul airport

H-2 Mecidiyeköy - Istanbul airport

H-3 Halkalı Marmaray - Istanbul airport

H-6 Yunus Emre Mah. - Istanbul airport

H-8 Hacıosman/Sarıyer - Istanbul airport

probably the best one for you would be the H-2 as it goes closer to city center and from there, you can use the metro to your destination. There is almost a bus departing from Istanbul airport for this line every hour between 7 AM to 9 PM.

Havaist buses

If you want to use public transportation, havaist buses are much better for several reasons such as reasonable price and being on-time and fast. The only problem is that there aren't many stops and you need to use a taxi again, if the stops are not close to your destination. Additionally, now with covid 19, some people do not prefer it. There are 11 different routes for Havaist to different districts inside city, but the most important ones are the ones which go to Taksim, Sultanahmet, Kadikoy and Yenikapi, as these are closer to city center. 

Istanbul Airport transfer

If you want to use a private car, this kind of transportation is suggested for you. The price is usually between 25-40 euros to go to the city center. It's a very comfortable option and fixed price, you can book online, but it is expensive for some people and sometimes it has the problem to find your greeter at the airport. If you are a group or family of 3-5 people, this kind of transportation is the best selection for you. You need to pre-book, but you will get your private car and just need to find the staff at the airport and finally, you will be enjoying your ride to your destination and won't worry about anything. You can search for Istanbul VIP transfer, Istanbul shuttle transfer, Istanbul private taxi or similar terms to find the companies in Istanbul that offer this service.


Taxi Istanbul airport

You always hear bad things about taxis. yes, they do not have a fixed price and some of them change the price.  It is just an easy way to get to the city, as they are right there as soon as you are out.

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