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To give our customers the best service we can for airport transfers, one of the first factors is to check flight status.

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To give our customers the best service for airport transfers, one of the first factors is to check flight status.

To reach this goal, we use https://www.flightradar24.com/. Our staff at the airport is aware that there could be any changes in your flight. Your flight might land earlier or later than the time you provided in your reservation. For each reservation, we use your flight number to check if all are as we planned for your reservation. Our greeter at the airport will check the flight status and let the driver, who is waiting somewhere close to airport, know that your flight landed. In addition, we are aware that after landing, the customer will go through passport control and after that, to luggage claim which could take around an hour in total. (sometimes up to one and a half hour). Even in which airport your flight will land could be an important factor, because Istanbul Airport (IST) is much bigger than Sabiha Airport (SAW). Therefore, it could take around one hour and a half at IST airport, but just around 45 minutes at SAW airport.

Please try to be in touch with us if anything happens at the airport which causes you to come out much later than this time. Because sometimes there could be long lines in passport control or sometimes missing luggage keeps you waiting a lot at the airport. 

All in all, don’t worry if your flight lands earlier or has delay, our staff will still be waiting for you and the transfer will be done.

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