Type of cars for airport transfers and their capacity

This post explains the different types of cars available for airport transfers. VIP cars are small sedans for 2 people, while minivan cars are for families or bigger groups of up to 6 people with 6 big luggage.

Mar 30, 2023
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There are different car types for an airport transfer we will explain all the types and details here for you.

VIP Cars 

These cars are normally SEDAN cars and mostly from BWM or MERCEDES brands. They are normally requested by high-class or business related customers as they are so expensive , normally more than 150 Euro for almost the shortest routes, for example from IST airport ( Istanbul New Airport ) to Besiktas or Sisli. The best capacity for these cars could be considered as 2 people as these cars are small and with a small space for cargo, so the group of passengers can have like 2 big luggage or 3 small-size luggage.

Minivan Cars

These types of cars are a kind of economy for families or bigger groups of people. There are mostly two kinds of cars for this purpose and both have 8 seats. First VITO cars from the MERCEDES brand and second the TRANSPORTER from VOLKSWAGEN. Both are almost the same but the VITO car is more popular, but actually, the transporter is more comfortable if you are a bigger group like 5 or 6 people. Transporter cars are longer and a little bigger than Vito and if you are like 5 or 6 people who want to sit on the opposite side of each other, transporter cars are suggested. Both cars are the same capacity and mostly come in Black or White colors. Both can have a maximum of 6 people with 6 big luggage. If you are a family or a group of friends, these cars are the best for you for airport transfer and not a big difference with even public transport. If you are 7 people also these cars could be suitable for you, but not suggested. Also, you mustn’t have more than 6 pieces of luggage again and won’t be comfortable for you. If you are 7 and more people you need to select the next bigger type of car that we will explain in the next part. 


If you are a group of between 7-15 people you need to select these kinds of cars as small minibusses. These cars also come in 2 brands mostly, one the SPRINTER from MERCEDES and the other one CRAFTER from VOLKSWAGEN. These kinds of minibusses have between 15 to 19 seats and can have a capacity of 15 big luggage. If you are a group smaller than 6 people but you have more than 6 luggage, we suggest getting these types of cars instead of minivans. These vehicles normally are used for city tours or shared shuttles. 

Big Minibus and Bus 

The next vehicles are used for big groups that are not so common for airport transfers. If you are a group of more than 15 people or you have more than 15 pieces of luggage you need to use these cars.

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